I Want a Kid Named Barnabas…


I want a kid named Barnabas.

You know…
That son of encouragement.
(Acts 4:36)

But first I have to change my own name.
And listen when I hear those whispers–

Call her.
Invite them.
Go to that check-out line.
Pray for their family.
Ask him how he is doing.
Write her a note.
Give that kid a hug.
Make them some cookies.
Stand by her; she needs a friend.

Being a Barnabas (an encourager)–
That is the kind of kid I want.
But first I have to live my own Barnabas legacy.

To help them see, that we can ask together

Is there someone who:

–Needs to know how much they are appreciated?
–Is hurting or sad or discouraged right now?
–Has asked for prayer?
–Is lonely and would like to be included?
–Could use a meal?
–God brought to mind through a verse in the Bible?
–Feels left-out and could use a friend?

Listen for His whisper.
That’s what I want to pass along…
Be a Barnabas.


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