Saying Goodbye (from a missionary’s mama)

missionary mama

*This is a guest post from my close friend who is in the process of saying goodbye to her child leaving for the mission field. I asked if I could share her words because the parental heartache she gives voice to-- the wrestling with entrusting her child to the Lord, is one that so many mamas will appreciate and be encouraged by.     Goodbye. I am preparing to say goodbye and I am not sure if I want to. Have I been properly prepared to say Continue Reading

40 Thoughts on Turning 40

40 thoughts on turning 40

Well, maybe not 40. That's a lot of thoughts. But yesterday, last Wednesday, last week, two weeks ago (it has taken me a bit to get around to finishing this)-- I turned 40. And it felt a little like I went to my own memorial-- To be in a room surrounded in surprise, by so many people who I love, all sharing things they love about me. They shared old photos and things I'd written in the past.  They told crazy stories of memories that made me laugh and also Continue Reading

Tuesday Writing in Faith and Culture

faith culture bridge

Last night we watched the Count of Monte Cristo. My friend Anne-Marie just finished the book and throughout she noted all the ways the movie does not match, which were vaguely familiar from the last-long-time-ago that I read it. And she said all the names with perfect French pronunciation which made her version sound way more beautiful. But I was tired. And kind of enjoyed that Mondego is clearly the bad guy. No redeeming qualities there. And Dantes gets to Continue Reading

Faith That Walks

faith that walks

When our Lydia was very little, her daily bedtime routine included: -Reading with the big kids and dad. -Two songs and a prayer with mom. -And then our bedtime chant of "Goodnight. Sleep tight. Wake up bright, in the morning light, To do what’s right,with all your might!” Then one night, she added her own theologically-sound-volume-enhanced-concluding-plea: “Oh God, will ya’ please help us?" Isn’t that the way it truly is? “If you love me, you Continue Reading

What Should a Christian’s Response to the Poor Be? (10 Things We Can Agree On)

Response to Poor

It started with a Facebook post and a picture of Jimmy Carter.     It turns out that the quote is actually attributed to someone else. But the comments that followed had me wrestling with my own perspective and how and why I've come to those conclusions. To be honest with you, I initially balked at the quote because it felt simplistic and politically charged and because on the whole, I am often frustrated by the way our government uses Continue Reading

It’s Not the End of His Story…

Not the End of His Story

I can't tell you the formula-- ...because there isn't one. I can't tell you the end of their story-- ...because it's not the end of their story yet. I was in the nursery. Holding a sweet, little 10 month old. I nearly rocked us both to sleep in one of those cozy recliners. Usually the nursery is packed, but for some reason we had only one baby.  While the rest of the crew went home, I stayed to enjoy time with a fellow nursery worker. She told me Continue Reading

Talking with Your Children About Persecution


Are you a World Christian? Are you praying for Christians in Iraq, Syria, and throughout the world who are facing persecution? A few years ago, I wrote an article about ways to help our children become "World Christians" because when our children were very young Noel Piper's words impacted my heart: “A world Christian sees beyond his neighborhood friends, his school, his everyday life and experiences.  He’ll be fascinated by the variety of people and customs Continue Reading

Our Adoption Journey

adoption journey

I don't really remember when God first put adoption on my heart or my husband's heart. It was a process that started back before we had biological children, when I would check the Oregon waiting children pages. And I would read their stories. And my heart would hurt. And I would feel unable, unwilling, not ready-- To meet the need so great. And then years later, I sat at a child's sports practice with my friend Becky, who was open to adoption. And I told her Continue Reading