Giving our Children an Eternal Perspective

eternal perspective

I don't want our kids to feel at home here. Because-- This is not their home. Yes--I want them to enjoy life. And be healthy. And feel comfort. And know safety. And taste success. But not if it means that they-- Feel too much at home. That's why we talk about death sometimes. And yes. I get it. There's a balance. We're not trying to load them down with more than their little hearts and minds can handle, but if anything-- the see-saw is weighted Continue Reading

Talking with Your Children About Persecution


Are you a World Christian? Are you praying for Christians in Iraq, Syria, and throughout the world who are facing persecution? A few years ago, I wrote an article about ways to help our children become "World Christians" because when our children were very young Noel Piper's words impacted my heart: “A world Christian sees beyond his neighborhood friends, his school, his everyday life and experiences.  He’ll be fascinated by the variety of people and customs Continue Reading

Praying to Grow a World Christian

World Christian

  After our second child was born, I read a tiny little brochure written by Noel Piper called, "Home Grown World Christians." It hit my heart and has had an ongoing impact on how we want to raise our children. In it Noel explains what a "World Christian" is: "A world Christian sees beyond his neighborhood friends, his school, his everyday life and experiences. He'll be fascinated by the variety of people and customs next door and all over God's wide Continue Reading

Our Adoption Journey

adoption journey

I don't really remember when God first put adoption on my heart or my husband's heart. It was a process that started back before we had biological children, when I would check the Oregon waiting children pages. And I would read their stories. And my heart would hurt. And I would feel unable, unwilling, not ready-- To meet the need so great. And then years later, I sat at a child's sports practice with my friend Becky, who was open to adoption. And I told her Continue Reading

And This is What I Worked on During Naptime…


  We spent the morning at the park and Lydia almost fell asleep in the car on the way home. I was sure she was sound asleep in bed. But apparently she wasn't. She found her sister's stamp pads and managed to decorate every room upstairs in a matter of minutes. Side note--we don't want her to think this is "cute" or "funny" (or to send mixed messages by taking pictures), so I told her I was taking the photos to send to her dad at work because he would want Continue Reading

I Want a Kid Named Barnabas…


I want a kid named Barnabas. You know... That son of encouragement. (Acts 4:36) But first I have to change my own name. And listen when I hear those whispers-- Call her. Invite them. Go to that check-out line. Pray for their family. Ask him how he is doing. Write her a note. Give that kid a hug. Make them some cookies. Stand by her; she needs a friend. Being a Barnabas (an encourager)-- That is the kind of kid I want. But first I have to Continue Reading

I Like Being in 4th Grade (or 4th Grade & Dyslexia)


I'm in fourth grade this year. Not literally. But kind of. It all started when we were back in second grade. Or actually long before that... I remember the exact date when we knew... That for the first time we were going to be parents. And God knew Long before that-- Who our first born would be. Our oldest. A child so social-- So quick to love, So quick to notice a hurting heart. I remember her walking up to other toddlers at the park, Continue Reading