3 Factors that Kindle (or Calm) Anger

kindle calm anger

This morning our six year old made herself some toast, buttered it, cut it into tiny squares with kitchen scissors, dolloped it with maple syrup and then poured herself a large glass of milk... that she accidentally knocked into the corner of the table as she carried it over and everything proceeded to splatter onto the floor in a sticky, soggy mess. Now, often, this would have been an internal battle for me not to get angry. My first response is not always one Continue Reading

Saying Goodbye (from a missionary’s mama)

missionary mama

*This is a guest post from my close friend who is in the process of saying goodbye to her child leaving for the mission field. I asked if I could share her words because the parental heartache she gives voice to-- the wrestling with entrusting her child to the Lord, is one that so many mamas will appreciate and be encouraged by.     Goodbye. I am preparing to say goodbye and I am not sure if I want to. Have I been properly prepared to say Continue Reading

40 Thoughts on Turning 40

40 thoughts on turning 40

Well, maybe not 40. That's a lot of thoughts. But yesterday, last Wednesday, last week, two weeks ago (it has taken me a bit to get around to finishing this)-- I turned 40. And it felt a little like I went to my own memorial-- To be in a room surrounded in surprise, by so many people who I love, all sharing things they love about me. They shared old photos and things I'd written in the past.  They told crazy stories of memories that made me laugh and also Continue Reading

Lest We Forget… (Planning to Remember on Memorial Day)

Lest We Forget

For five years now, we have gone to Willamette National Cemetery on Memorial Day. Neither my husband or I grew up doing this and to be honest with you, the first year he suggested it... I wasn't all that willing. But-- after that first year when we found the grave sites of Medal of Honor winners and read their stories, I never want to miss the opportunity to remember. Because it's so easy to forget about men like-- Larry Dahl's whose official Medal of Honor Continue Reading

Intentional Summer Planning Questions

summer planning

I went walking with a friend this afternoon and we were talking about summer plans and also just about planning in general.  There have been seasons of life when I've felt focused and organized and planning for the future felt really fun. This current season is not one of those seasons. For the past couple of weeks, I've just been thankful to close out each day with each child making it to each class-activity-responsibility with their water bottle or homework Continue Reading

Camping Fun (with printable camping list)

camping list

By request... I'm migrating this article over from my previous site... Every summer we try enjoy at least one or two camping trips with a group of our friends... (a few photos from camping in years past with a printable camping list at the end) Water fun... And don't forget your pink-camping-tutu... Let the bug hunting begin... Finding newts is always a highlight... And crawdads... Lydia Continue Reading

Encouraging Titus 2 Relationships (Don’t Outgrow the Nursery)


      This Sunday we will have to decide whether or not we should hand out saltine crackers. And we'll be busy matching diaper bags with nametags and who is supposed to take a nap and whose hairclip got pulled out and which baby is the odor culprit and what toys were slobbered and need to be washed. And there's potential in there for us to be outnumbered. And out maneuvered. And there have definitely been Sundays when all I've Continue Reading

Interview with an American Idol Mom (What She Prays for Her Son)

keri seavey2

  The last few months have been a little crazy for the Seavey family. Keri and Jeff never imagined that they would watch their son Daniel Seavey make it into the Top 24, let alone Top 11, on the popular American singing competition series known as American Idol. I know Keri as-- wife to Jeff, a senior pastor and church planter, mom to four children (Tyler, Christian, Daniel and Anna), women's ministry leader, biblical counselor, speaker, and writer who Continue Reading

Making Time for Your Marriage When You Have Little Ones


This morning I'm over sharing at my friend Sandra's... We met last October in Montana when a group of us who write for The Better Mom website gathered to reconnect. There was just this bittersweet connection we immediately had as she shared about the tragic loss of her daughter Tiffany, their only child. And I shared about Selah. And we became friends. Sandra heart's passion is "to encourage, train and inspire women to use their homes as places of
 Continue Reading

What Should a Christian’s Response to the Poor Be? (10 Things We Can Agree On)

Response to Poor

It started with a Facebook post and a picture of Jimmy Carter.     It turns out that the quote is actually attributed to someone else. But the comments that followed had me wrestling with my own perspective and how and why I've come to those conclusions. To be honest with you, I initially balked at the quote because it felt simplistic and politically charged and because on the whole, I am often frustrated by the way our government uses Continue Reading