Making Time for Your Marriage When You Have Little Ones


This morning I'm over sharing at my friend Sandra's... We met last October in Montana when a group of us who write for The Better Mom website gathered to reconnect. There was just this bittersweet connection we immediately had as she shared about the tragic loss of her daughter Tiffany, their only child. And I shared about Selah. And we became friends. Sandra heart's passion is "to encourage, train and inspire women to use their homes as places of
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I Wasn’t Going to Say I’m Sorry…

I'm sorry

I wasn't going to say-- I'm sorry. I wasn't going to ask for his forgiveness. I wasn't. How quickly those tiny ice-hard-anger-crystals can chill the warmth of marriage... Even a good, solid one. But then You-- Reminded me of how greatly I'm forgiven. Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. ~Psalm 32:1 My list of grievances was long. My list of lists of all the holds that I could hold over, Was long. As I'm sure was Continue Reading

Reasons Why I Love My Guy…

for Jason

And after 16 years of marriage... I have a whole list of reasons why I love my guy! But here are just a few... Because with hair or without hair... my husband is awesome!   Because clearly...he's gifted when it comes to sports. Because whenever he falls down...he's quick to get back up... though we are avoiding roller skating for a while. ...because his engineering and construction training comes in handy when you want to build a massive Lego tram Continue Reading