advent pause verses

By the time you read this, December will be a reality. And some of you will have presents wrapped, decorations up, and sugar cookies in the freezer. Others of you will still have pumpkins and an inflatable turkey on your front porch. Regardless, the official season of Advent will have already started because it starts in November this year, which always catches me a little off guard. I fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. My Christmas decorations Continue Reading

A Christmas Reminder from Lydia (and a Christmas Blessing Giveaway)

Christmas Blessing

I let our youngest daughter Lydia set up the nativity scene. She is six. This is what it looked like when she was finished -- And then I fixed it. So this is what it looked like -- A few days later I noticed that everything was rearranged. And Lydia was the one who had actually fixed it. Just a good reminder as we enter this Christmas season... Of what our focus should be. Of who should be our focus. For unto you is born this day in the Continue Reading

Favorite Things Stocking Giveaway


  I’ve joined a dozen other online friends for a little Christmas fun! We each have a stocking (mine is more of a ginormous red bag), filled with some of our favorite things to giveaway! To Enter: Check out the Stocking Giveaway Collage featuring 12 other beautiful bloggers and their Favorite Things stockings. Scroll to the bottom to see the details for OUR Favorite Things Stocking. Enter to win my Christmas Stocking Giveaway at the giveaway Continue Reading

Jesus’ Invitation (Keeping Christ in Christmas)

christ in christmas

Several years ago, at Christmas, Lydia asked to pray. She was three. This was her prayer: "Dear Jesus... I hope you enjoy your Christmas party." Me too. But how easily I forget. How quickly I get sidetracked by the broken bulb on the light strand and the number of air mattresses we may or may not need. By the Cyber Mondays and UPS tracking numbers and expiration dates on canisters of whipped cream. By empty tape rolls and lines at the market and did I Continue Reading

Two Christmas Giveaways (and Making the Case for Giving Christmas Gifts)

christmas gifts

I remember the first year they bought gifts with their own money. Unprompted. Our kiddos took their meager stockpile and headed to the mall with my parents while my husband and I were gone for our anniversary. And they bought a Christmas gift for me. And it pulled on the strands of my heart. Even before I knew what it was. It got me thinking about gift-giving.  And while I'm all for a simple Christmas and getting away from the trappings and focusing on the Continue Reading