Parenting Class Resources

Parenting Class Resources

My husband and his friend, Andrew, are leading/facilitating a parenting class at our church right now…following along with Tedd Tripp’s Shepherding a Child’s Heart DVD series.

And we had hoped to share a resource list weekly along the way, but the real-life-of-it-is-that I’m just now getting this posted.
So, this list below should catch us up and then we plan-hope to post the resources weekly for the rest of the class.

For those of you not in the parenting class/not local, we are sharing on this site because we hope these parenting resources will encourage you as well…
(And then there’s also the part about how I can’t remember the password to the parenting class blog we had up and running years ago when they led the class for the first time).

Parenting Class Description:

My Kid Did What….Again 1?!? (Lessons in parental humility and foundation building)

This class will focus on the early years of parenting (ages 0-7). Using the Bible, Tripp’s Shepherding and Child’s Heart, Scott Gilchrist’s Parenting Conference material and a variety of biblically-based resources, we will look at: the parental call, getting to the heart of behavior, embracing biblical methods, objectives/goals/methods of the early years, keeping the gospel central, roles of dads and moms, and developing a close, genuine relationship with your child/children. There will be plenty of time for discussion, questions, and practical suggestions for application.

My personal side note–
So far, it has also included a lot of stories of our own families personal, parenting failures, with a few God-graciously-redeemed, successes.


Parenting Class Resources:



Week 1:



Week 2:

  • Discuss last week’s reading for home (Piper article above).
  • Recap of last week’s “Top 10 Reasons” handout (Top Ten Filled In document)
  • Recap of godly maturity and biblical discipline from Scott’s parenting conference–(Parenting_Conference_broch_forweb)
  • Maturity Diagram 2
  • Firmly Planted Parenting Conference (if you are local, available in our church resource center)–ist2_8228897-grunge-bent-tree-and-roots
  • Reading for home: Pendulum ParentingAmy Henry

Week 3:

  • Discuss last week’s reading for home (see Amy Henry article above)
  • SCH video: “Getting to the Heart of Behavior”
  • Flow from heart diagram
  • Reading for home: 10 Ways to Love Your Kids— Rachel Jankovic



Week 4:

  • Discuss last week’s reading for home (see Rachel Jankovic article above)
  • SCH Video: “Shaping Influences & Godward Orientation”
  • Shaping Influences Figure
  • Reading for home: Parenting for the Glory of God, Part 1— John Piper



Week Five:

  • Discuss last week’s reading for home (see Piper article, part 1, above)
  • SCH Video: “Discerning the Abundance of the Heart”
  • Reading for home: Parenting for the Glory of God, Part 2— John Piper



Week Six:

Wise Words Chart

Wise Words for Moms Chart

Proverbs for Parenting— Barbara Decker

Proverbs for Parenting

Child Training Bible Mindy Dunn

Child Training Bible




Week 7:

  • Discuss last week’s reading for home (see Piper article above)
  • SCH Video: “Embracing Biblical Methods– Appeal to the Conscience”
  • Reading for home: Questions that Help Bring Conviction, excerpt from Gospel-Powered Parenting— William Farley
  • Additional Resources:

Teach Them Diligently— Lou Priolo

Lou Priolo

Everyday Talk— John Younts

Everyday Talk

Foundation Verses Packet

foundation verses

Gospel-Powered Parenting— William Farley

Gospel Powered Parenting

And so that should have us about caught up!

Probably a little overwhelming with all of the links, but we hope to post weekly from here on out and our prayer is that all this will simply be an encouragement and resource as God nudges (not an overwhelming to-do-list). Overall and above all else, our desire is that this class will honor God and bring glory to Him!

*For other book recommendations (scroll down for parenting-specific) visit our– favorite books list.

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