Intentional Summer Planning Questions

summer planning

I went walking with a friend this afternoon and we were talking about summer plans and also just about planning in general.  There have been seasons of life when I've felt focused and organized and planning for the future felt really fun. This current season is not one of those seasons. For the past couple of weeks, I've just been thankful to close out each day with each child making it to each class-activity-responsibility with their water bottle or homework Continue Reading

Camping Fun (with printable camping list)

camping list

By request... I'm migrating this article over from my previous site... Every summer we try enjoy at least one or two camping trips with a group of our friends... (a few photos from camping in years past with a printable camping list at the end) Water fun... And don't forget your pink-camping-tutu... Let the bug hunting begin... Finding newts is always a highlight... And crawdads... Lydia Continue Reading

Tuesday Writing in Faith and Culture

faith culture bridge

Last night we watched the Count of Monte Cristo. My friend Anne-Marie just finished the book and throughout she noted all the ways the movie does not match, which were vaguely familiar from the last-long-time-ago that I read it. And she said all the names with perfect French pronunciation which made her version sound way more beautiful. But I was tired. And kind of enjoyed that Mondego is clearly the bad guy. No redeeming qualities there. And Dantes gets to Continue Reading

Faith That Walks

faith that walks

When our Lydia was very little, her daily bedtime routine included: -Reading with the big kids and dad. -Two songs and a prayer with mom. -And then our bedtime chant of "Goodnight. Sleep tight. Wake up bright, in the morning light, To do what’s right,with all your might!” Then one night, she added her own theologically-sound-volume-enhanced-concluding-plea: “Oh God, will ya’ please help us?" Isn’t that the way it truly is? “If you love me, you Continue Reading

Encouraging Titus 2 Relationships (Don’t Outgrow the Nursery)


      This Sunday we will have to decide whether or not we should hand out saltine crackers. And we'll be busy matching diaper bags with nametags and who is supposed to take a nap and whose hairclip got pulled out and which baby is the odor culprit and what toys were slobbered and need to be washed. And there's potential in there for us to be outnumbered. And out maneuvered. And there have definitely been Sundays when all I've Continue Reading

Interview with an American Idol Mom (What She Prays for Her Son)

keri seavey2

  The last few months have been a little crazy for the Seavey family. Keri and Jeff never imagined that they would watch their son Daniel Seavey make it into the Top 24, let alone Top 11, on the popular American singing competition series known as American Idol. I know Keri as-- wife to Jeff, a senior pastor and church planter, mom to four children (Tyler, Christian, Daniel and Anna), women's ministry leader, biblical counselor, speaker, and writer who Continue Reading

Making Time for Your Marriage When You Have Little Ones


This morning I'm over sharing at my friend Sandra's... We met last October in Montana when a group of us who write for The Better Mom website gathered to reconnect. There was just this bittersweet connection we immediately had as she shared about the tragic loss of her daughter Tiffany, their only child. And I shared about Selah. And we became friends. Sandra heart's passion is "to encourage, train and inspire women to use their homes as places of
 Continue Reading

Inheritance of Tears… (Book Giveaway)


  "Tears may, and must come; but if they gather in eyes that are constantly looking up to (God) and heaven, they will glisten with the brightness of the coming glory." ~Susannah Spurgeon We were all supposed to leave for a weekend away at the coast-- a mama's get-away-weekend filled with snacks and walks and late-night-talking-laughing. But right before our departure date, a close friend who was going with us received the news that she had miscarried. The Continue Reading

Easter Books for Children


  "It wasn't the nails that kept Jesus there.  Is was love." ~The Jesus Storybook Bible And on Easter Sunday we'll rejoice and our hearts will leap because-- "The angel asked them, 'What are you doing here? This is a tomb and tombs are for dead people... Jesus isn't dead anymore!... He's alive again!' " ~The Jesus Storybook Bible Easter is just around the corner and sometimes God uses books written for children to reach my heart in the deepest Continue Reading

My Reading Rules (and Current Book List)

reading rules

A couple of weeks ago, I read an interesting article about how a parent's reading (or lack there of) impacts whether or not a child grows into a "reader". Now I'll be honest here... my parents never had to make me read. I was so lost in the world of Caddie Woodlawn, Laura Wilder, Anne Shirley, and Nancy Drew that they had to make rules about when I was not allowed read. And on the flip side, my crazy parents (smile) would PAY my brother to read.  Can you even Continue Reading