The Most Important Question You Should Ask About Adoption

adoption question

We had many questions when we started seriously considering adoption... And those questions shifted as we wandered down our adoptive journey and especially as we took a jump of faith toward our second adoption. I remember the day the packet came in the mail. It was about an inch thick and it was full to the brim with paperclipped documents and forms that we needed to sign, fill out, and return. There was also a long list of the 479 hoops (okay maybe I Continue Reading

I Wasn’t Going to Say I’m Sorry…

I'm sorry

I wasn't going to say-- I'm sorry. I wasn't going to ask for his forgiveness. I wasn't. How quickly those tiny ice-hard-anger-crystals can chill the warmth of marriage... Even a good, solid one. But then You-- Reminded me of how greatly I'm forgiven. Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. ~Psalm 32:1 My list of grievances was long. My list of lists of all the holds that I could hold over, Was long. As I'm sure was Continue Reading

10 Ways to Grow a Friendship…

10 ways Friendship

  Tears drip off my chin, landing on the key board. This post is for my friend Becky. Who is moving far away tomorrow. And she gave me this old man smoking a pipe for my birthday. Probably my favorite gift because it represents years of friendship. A record of-- Birthdays and marriages. Babies and holidays. And lives intertwined. But this post is also for anyone who is... Wanting-hoping-praying for deeper friendships. Gem-like-friends Continue Reading

Helpful Adoption Resources

helpful adoption resources

“…God is graciously involved in our adoptions.  He has done it Himself.  He knows what it costs. And He stands ready to support us all the way to the end."  ~John Piper If you missed the other posts in this series, you may want to go back and read about-- our adoption journey, 7 reasons that we love adoption and the most important question you can ask about adoption.  But today I'd like to share with you some of the adoption related resources that were helpful for Continue Reading

Our Adoption Journey

adoption journey

I don't really remember when God first put adoption on my heart or my husband's heart. It was a process that started back before we had biological children, when I would check the Oregon waiting children pages. And I would read their stories. And my heart would hurt. And I would feel unable, unwilling, not ready-- To meet the need so great. And then years later, I sat at a child's sports practice with my friend Becky, who was open to adoption. And I told her Continue Reading

He is What I Need… (Abide Challenge #2)


Last Thursday I flew to Montana, without any notion of what God might do with my time away from home.  It ended up being a precious time of friendship and learning and laughter and slowly savored meals. Of crisp air, bold mountains, blue skies and even double rainbows. God's fingerprints covered the entire weekend. It was a God-gifted pause-- That allowed time for reflecting and refocusing and refreshment. About a month ago, our church family Continue Reading

Reasons Why I Love My Guy…

for Jason

And after 16 years of marriage... I have a whole list of reasons why I love my guy! But here are just a few... Because with hair or without hair... my husband is awesome!   Because clearly...he's gifted when it comes to sports. Because whenever he falls down...he's quick to get back up... though we are avoiding roller skating for a while. ...because his engineering and construction training comes in handy when you want to build a massive Lego tram Continue Reading

And This is What I Worked on During Naptime…


  We spent the morning at the park and Lydia almost fell asleep in the car on the way home. I was sure she was sound asleep in bed. But apparently she wasn't. She found her sister's stamp pads and managed to decorate every room upstairs in a matter of minutes. Side note--we don't want her to think this is "cute" or "funny" (or to send mixed messages by taking pictures), so I told her I was taking the photos to send to her dad at work because he would want Continue Reading

Ways to Weep With…

weep with

Four years ago last April...I fell asleep slumped over a hospital bed, up at Doernbecher Children's Hospital. And the next morning our daughter Selah died. And I was kicking myself for moments-lost-in-slumber. At first there was the piercing pain, where it was difficult to even breathe. It was a deep silent scream that any mother who has lost a child knows well, a heart-wrenching moan that feels like everything within is being turned out. Raw pain like Continue Reading

Where Should Your Children Go to School?

school questions

Yesterday our kiddos' school sent home the registration packets for next year. It always comes as a bit of a shock each Jan-Febr-uary when this happens. Already? But most schools start opening up registration at the beginning of February and I know that in our area, many of the magnet schools have already started the enrollment process. Every year around this time, I try to share a revised version of the article below because we revisit these questions on Continue Reading