Meet Kara


I think this might just be the page I am dreading the most…
I have now typed this sentence eight times trying to figure out how to introduce myself, tell you what’s important to me, and share some of the fun stuff too– in a not-awkward-creepy-let-me-talk-a-lot-about-myself-kinda-way.
It took me at least 45 minutes to figure out that brief intro on my home page.
Maybe I’ll just expand on what I’ve already started?

Okay, let me start this whole thing over…




I am so happy you’re here!


I am Kara… (I used to go by Kari until college when my roommate officially changed me back to Kara, but because of my stinker-little-brother’s nickname, everyone from my childhood knows me as “Kigi” or “Kig” for short. Because my nickname clearly needed a shorter nickname? )

Wife to Jason… (It’ll be 18 years this December and we first connected over dorm food at Oregon State University. He took me to see “Little Women” on our first date… with two of his roommates for dating-support. There are so many reasons that I love my husband.)

Mama to 5 kiddos… (Three are in middle school and our youngest started kindergarten this year. Let me repeat that. Three are in middle school.)

4 here and 1 in Heaven… (our 4th child, Selah, died from the disease Pompe and it was needing a place to process that actually got me writing online, though I have stacks of filled composition books collecting dust in our garage.)

Christ follower… (I know I need Jesus. I know who I am and that I need His forgiveness. I know my relationship with Him is completely dependent on the redemption that took place when Jesus died on the cross for my (our) sins and was raised with triumphant victory over sin. I believe the Bible is God’s Word and that God gave it to us as the ultimate authority in our lives. My desire is to love God more and more, to find my purpose and satisfaction in Him and I ask Him to help me let my light shine before others, so that they may see my good works and give glory to my Father who is in Heaven ~ Matt 5:16. And I do like to talk about Heaven a lot. )

Adoption supporter… (2 of our 5 are adopted and I love the connection with knowing I am adopted, as God’s child.)

Teacher… (I used to teach high school I.B. English & Speech classes, though you wouldn’t know it by the number of mistakes I find after I hit “publish”. I still teach part time because our children go to a University Model School where the whole school attends M/W/F and works from home T/TH.)

Writer… (I like to write. A lot. This online writing started for me over the The Chuppies where I stumbled and bumbled my way into writing online and for other websites).

Garage-sale-coffee-nature-walking-book-friendship enjoyer… (So to keep it short and sweet… I like deals. I really do like coffee. I have issues with collecting pets & books. I like to take long walks not-by-the-beach. I’m much more of forest, pine, fern, mountain girl. And I love my friends and family. There is a huge crossover there because I have friends who truly are my family and family members who truly are my friends. I am thankful.)

Welcome to my little home of words…

A space where I long to see God’s fingerprints in the midst of the mundane, where I want to lift my eyes and heart to Him, as I cling to Him through the joys and sorrows of everyday life. I pray that what I write here will simply be the overflow of my real-life relationship with Him and that God will use it to encourage you.

Thank you so much for stopping by…
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With Love,

P.S. If after all that, you actually want to know more… I think you can learn a lot about a person by the books they read.