3 Factors that Kindle (or Calm) Anger

kindle calm anger

This morning our six year old made herself some toast, buttered it, cut it into tiny squares with kitchen scissors, dolloped it with maple syrup and then poured herself a large glass of milk... that she accidentally knocked into the corner of the table as she carried it over and everything proceeded to splatter onto the floor in a sticky, soggy mess. Now, often, this would have been an internal battle for me not to get angry. My first response is not always one Continue Reading

Saying Goodbye (from a missionary’s mama)

missionary mama

*This is a guest post from my close friend who is in the process of saying goodbye to her child leaving for the mission field. I asked if I could share her words because the parental heartache she gives voice to-- the wrestling with entrusting her child to the Lord, is one that so many mamas will appreciate and be encouraged by.     Goodbye. I am preparing to say goodbye and I am not sure if I want to. Have I been properly prepared to say Continue Reading

40 Thoughts on Turning 40

40 thoughts on turning 40

Well, maybe not 40. That's a lot of thoughts. But yesterday, last Wednesday, last week, two weeks ago (it has taken me a bit to get around to finishing this)-- I turned 40. And it felt a little like I went to my own memorial-- To be in a room surrounded in surprise, by so many people who I love, all sharing things they love about me. They shared old photos and things I'd written in the past.  They told crazy stories of memories that made me laugh and also Continue Reading

advent pause verses

By the time you read this, December will be a reality. And some of you will have presents wrapped, decorations up, and sugar cookies in the freezer. Others of you will still have pumpkins and an inflatable turkey on your front porch. Regardless, the official season of Advent will have already started because it starts in November this year, which always catches me a little off guard. I fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. My Christmas decorations Continue Reading


A Christmas Reminder from Lydia (and a Christmas Blessing Giveaway)

Christmas Blessing

I let our youngest daughter Lydia set up the nativity scene. She is six. This is what it looked like when she was finished -- And then I fixed it. So this is what it looked like -- A few days later I noticed that everything was rearranged. And Lydia was the one who had actually fixed it. Just a good reminder as we enter this Christmas season... Of what our focus should be. Of who should be our focus. For unto you is born this day in the Continue Reading

Longing, Readiness, and Anchoring Hope

hope anchor

Frustrated. That's how I felt. I wrote this article for the first time earlier today. And it took me nearly two hours. And then my computer froze and the dreaded-dread-thing happened. I had to restart the computer and when I returned to the article everything was blank. Gone. I called in my better-than-I-am-at-computers-son who was home from school with a fever and asked for his help, but no matter what we did, the words were irretrievable. I know... I Continue Reading

Doing Nothing is Still Something

Doing Nothing

When I do nothing– Something still happens. And it’s usually not good. When I don’t exercise– I grow weak and flabby and… When I don’t spend time in the garden– It fills with weeds and pests and… When I don’t invest in my marriage– We grow distant and grouchy and… When I stop consistent parenting– There is arguing and selfishness and… When I don’t spend time with Him. I’m quick to fall, easy to corrupt and… There is no standing still. There Continue Reading

Remembering and Forgetting (Corn in the Marriage Soup)


Editor’s Note: The below essay by Kara Chupp appears on behalf of the Faith and Culture Writers Conference. This article won this year’s writing contest (non-fiction) and appears on Bedlam Magazine as a part of Kara’s award. The piece was published as submitted. Enjoy! — I decided to buy the taco soup that had corn in it. And I didn’t forget. I knew he wouldn’t like it. He doesn’t like corn mixed in with other ingredients. But everyone knows that all Mexican Continue Reading

Lest We Forget… (Planning to Remember on Memorial Day)

Lest We Forget

For five years now, we have gone to Willamette National Cemetery on Memorial Day. Neither my husband or I grew up doing this and to be honest with you, the first year he suggested it... I wasn't all that willing. But-- after that first year when we found the grave sites of Medal of Honor winners and read their stories, I never want to miss the opportunity to remember. Because it's so easy to forget about men like-- Larry Dahl's whose official Medal of Honor Continue Reading